Pulling off a surprise party, whatever the occasion may be, is a risky game. You must be sneaky, organized, and assertive, but once achieved, it is all worth it. The reaction of your peer will dilute the small white lies you have to share and make everyone at the party have a fantastic time.

1. Keep Your Mouth Shut

It cannot be stressed that the number one rule is to zip your (and everyone else’s) mouth. Make sure your guests understand all of the details and requirements of a surprise party. Do not hesitate to send out quiet reminders to stay silent and nonchalant. 

2. Hire a Musician

Nothing pulls together a party like live music for everybody to rock out. It connects the guests in a fun and lively way, and an additional surprise for your victim. Musicians for hire in Minneapolis are easily accessible and stimulate the guests to get their groove on. 

3. Have an Accomplice

It is not easy doing all of the mastermind work by yourself, so having a friend to help you through the process is lifesaving. Make sure they are trustworthy and are loyal to keeping a secret. They can assist with tracking RSVP’s, decorating, preparing food, or helping you not stress out. 

4. Take Pictures 

It is not every day a surprise party occurs, and it is vital to capture the perfect moment. Take a video or pictures of the pure astonishment of the person you are celebrating when they enter the party. It is an unforgettable moment and something you and your friends will want to look back on. Not to mention, sending out pictures to the guests can double as a way to say thank you for coming. 

5. Plan a Theme

Surprise parties can be used for endless celebrations. Pick the aesthetic and goal of the party and work from there. Make sure your guests know what the occasion is and how they should dress. Having a theme will make decorating and choosing a venue much more straightforward. 

6. Scheme

Many things can go wrong during a surprise party, but your guest of honor showing up on time will not be one of them. You can never assume they will arrive with zero faults. Have your accomplice or another friend take them to a movie or dinner, and trust them to speed them up or slow them down according to your readiness. Communicate with each other, but don’t make it too visible for them to notice. Additionally, it is vital you strategically plan ahead of time where everyone will be parked. The last thing you need is a surplus of cars outside of the house to ruin the event. 

When done correctly and efficiently, surprise parties can be the celebration of a lifetime. Do not let all of the planning scare you, and follow these tips to help you along the way. The recipient of this amusement will be stunned and forever grateful.