When it comes to raising kids there comes a time in this modern age where you will inevitably be faced with having to talk to them about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. When this day comes you should make sure that you have all of the right tools on hand to make sure that the conversation goes as smoothly as possible.

Knowing what to say and how to say it is crucial so that you don’t avoid it becoming an unpleasant conversation that they don’t want to have. They may shut down emotionally and refuse to participate if you don’t have the right attitude going into it. Here are some of the best tips for having a conversation with your kids about steering clear of drugs and alcohol and avoiding addiction.

Set a Good Example

No matter how much you tell kids not to do something, it will have no impact if they see you partaking in that behavior. You should lead by example when it comes to teaching your kids the right path.

Make sure that you show them the good example of what a healthy relationship is with alcohol. If your kids see you drinking one too many at grandpa’s birthday bbq or indulging in cigarettes, they may start to think that this is ok. You won’t have the same impact on your confrontation about drugs and alcohol if they already see you partaking in hypocritical behavior.

Avoid Sounding Condescending

When you start the conversation make sure that you aren’t coming across as condescending. You want to make the conversation as honest and casual as possible trying to come at them as if you were level.

When you talk down to kids and teenagers you make them feel unempowered and frustrated which makes them shut down and stop listening. Since this is such an important conversation to be had it is important not to blow it with the wrong tone.

Be Honest About Your Experiences

It may be helpful to bring up your own experiences in the past concerning drugs and alcohol. Don’t be afraid to talk about your past and what the effects were. As long as the ultimate conclusion of the conversation is that you don’t believe drugs and alcohol are conducive to a healthy happy lifestyle, you should be fine being honest. However, if you find talking about your experiences a bit overwhelming, then talk about the experiences of people around you who might have already faced such issues. For instance, if someone in your family might have been a victim of drug abuse and visited a rehabilitation centre (like The Dawn- considered to be the best drug rehab in Thailand), then talk about the entire process, so that your kids know about the negative effects. You may find that they really appreciate the honesty and be more willing to take your advice.

Encourage Honesty

Make sure that you encourage your kids to tell you if they ever find themselves at a place where drugs and alcohol are. As a parent, it’s better to have to get into your car in your pajamas and pick your kid up in the middle of the night rather than them being forced to lie to you and potentially put themselves in danger.