Even if the few extra quid you found means you can have an ice-cream cone with a flake instead of a plain one, isn’t it always nice to suddenly realise that you have that little bit of extra money to spend? It’s perhaps nicer when you sort of needed that extra bit of money a little more urgently than for something  like an ice-cream cone garnished with a flake, but whether you want or need that extra bit of money, just how do you actually go about finding it?

Well the best way to do anything in your life really, with the aim of making it even the slightest bit better, resides in working whatever actions it takes to achieve your goal into your daily routine so that they become habitual. Okay, I know we’re just talking about finding some extra money here, but these things snowball and if you go as far as maybe saving all the extra money you manage to “find” in this way over a period of a few months and up to a year or more, you’ll soon realise that you could do something quite substantial with the extra quid you have.

Seriously, I mean it could even mean being able to go on that vacation after all, or perhaps being able to spend a few extra days away.

Your daily habits

We’re going back to your early adult life here and if you are indeed still in your early adult life, then now is the perfect time to start taking a closer look at all those habits of yours which are forming. You’ll need to start at the very beginning and scrutinise each and every action you complete during the day and then perhaps write everything down. You won’t have to write it down in complete detail, but rather just make a note of it, like if you take the bus to Uni every single day, twice a day, that’s something you’d write down as something like “twice daily bus trip to Uni.”

Now once you have your list of habitual actions which are repeated over and over again without you even thinking twice about it, try to find ways through which you could perhaps save money completing those actions. In the case of the twice daily trip to and from Uni, a student bus pass is the perfect way to make sure you spend less on something you’d otherwise continue to do without even thinking too much about.

If you have longer financial goals then this money saved, which will add up surprisingly quickly, can be put away in some sort of investment or savings account, but if you just want a few extra quid for the here and now, this is definitely the way to do it instantly.

If this thinking and approach is applied to all areas of your daily life, from something like electing to pay with your debit card as opposed to first drawing the money at an ATM, you’ll soon realise just how much money you’ve actually been wasting, but on more of a positive note you’ll discover so many different ways through which you can find that extra money you need or want, whenever you want to.