By choosing a digital marketing team who have a proven track record of outstanding results, dentists are lining themselves up for the same kind of success. For those dental practices looking to increase their turnover and bring more patients through their doors, by focusing on their digital presence and taking an interest in dental SEO, they will very likely begin to see results extremely quickly.

Google page one is something that perhaps everyone knows about and wants to be on, but perhaps isn’t entirely sure why. By understanding that there isn’t really a page two, then dental businesses can begin to comprehend the importance of being on that elusive first page.

Of course there is a page two!

It seems like the only people who scroll past Google’s page one onto subsequent pages are those people trying to find a specific business or those who are attempting to find some particular content but are at a loss of the right words to do so.

Because the internet is absolutely loaded with websites and information, unless people know exactly what it is they are looking for, certain keywords are going to show up for completely different sources of information and this can be an overwhelming experience for even the most seasoned surfer.

Often, if an individual has not found what they are looking for after scrolling down Google’s page one, they will simply attempt to reword their search to help them find it. Ideally, the first hit will be the content they are looking for and this is where dental practices want their business to be sitting.

A dedicated and highly trained digital marketing agency is able to work with a dentist to determine the correct keywords for their business, so that they can appear at the top of any given Google search both in paid advertising and more importantly, in an organic search.

This can happen extremely quickly for those who know how to bring it about, which can only be described as a complex dance between fulfilling the ever-changing Google ranking algorithms and meeting the needs of the readers of a website.

All for the price of a cappuccino every day

If a dentist wishes to take advantage of such digital marketing skills that can help them to reach their target audience and change the lives and smiles of their patients for the better, then they can do so for less than the price of a cup of coffee every day.

Subscription plans give dental practices access to targeted minds who are eager and keen to get their unique voice across in a creative and inviting way. Websites are built to be compliant to the many regulations that such healthcare organisations are rightly subject to and are completely active through both professional blogs and social media links.

A combination of tried and tested traditional methods, as well as following some of the up and coming marketing trends, enable these websites to remain at the top of both paid and organic Google searches, whilst ensuring that a positive relationship is fostered between dentist and patient both online and offline.