Regardless of your knowledge, installation skill level and budget, you deserve to feel safe in your home. Unfortunately, criminals are more advanced than ever but, thankfully, so is technology. This means there are a ton of ways to deter and prevent criminals from entering your property. We’ve made a list of the top home security devices of 2019.

Amazon Cloud Camera

The camera’s 1080p HD live feed makes for some pretty clear footage. Plus, its prompt motion notifications will let you know whenever somebody is around – meaning you can quickly tell if somebody is there who shouldn’t be. The 24-hour clip storage also means you’ll have any footage safe should you ever need to use it. A camera is a sure way to up the security of your home as no criminal wants to be caught on camera.

Ring Alarm

The latest home security system on the market and certainly one of the best. This starter kit comes complete with a keypad, motion detector, hub and contact sensor, so you could say it’s the full works. If desired, you can also add more sensors to track movement, such as the opening of windows. You are also able to add more doorbells and outdoor security cameras for maximum protection. And with products available like Alarm Flood & Freeze Sensor, Dome Siren and Alarm Smoke, criminals are not the only thing your home will be protected from with Ring.


Vivint is compatible with your smartphone and allows you to create a home security system from your very finger tips. You’re able to choose from a number of devices such as cameras, doorbells, smart locks, thermostats and cameras to create the set-up that is best for you. Vivint will simply show you who is at the door on the device you have chosen.


One of the most flexible security devices out there, Scout allows you full control over all of your security decisions. Essentially it is a system of sensors that communicate with each other to provide complete protection, tailored for your home. With Scout, you receive multiple devices fitted with sensors, and be able to customise them and place them around your house as you wish. The compatible app for Scout is easy to use and will quickly notify you if an alarm is due to go off. With this in mind, you can place the several Scout devices close to windows and doors and set a timer for them. So, while you are out of the house, or in bed at night, you will be alerted if anyone is close to your windows or doors.


If you’re looking to start with the basics, look no further than your windows. Motion sensors are well and good but a strong, secure window is also an excellent investment. UPVC Windows are mightily sturdy and have multi-point, high-security locks, meaning breaking and entering is quite a task. By installing UPVC windows, it will be harder for a would-be intruder to break and enter.


Obviously, every home will already have locks installed on things like doors and windows, however, consider getting in touch with a locksmith and changing your locks to something that’s a little more secure and trustworthy. You may think the only need for a locksmith is if you’re locked out of your home, but nowadays, burglars can actually break the locks off your door handles, and then you would even need a locksmith to come and repair/change them. So, it’s best to install a good quality locking system in the first place so you can prevent any break-ins.