How would you advertise your services as a timber company? For Timbersource, it meant thinking a little outside the box – in fact, it meant leaping right out of the box. They teamed with Digital Marketing Agency, Varn, and Jacob Peregrine-Wheller, a parkour expert and finalist in the TV show, Ninja Warriors, to create a cool new marketing video.

The video sees Jacob covering the whole of the Timbersource warehouse with his fleet-footed skills in a feat that took:

  • 2 crashmats
  • 14 somersaults
  • 8 hours of filming
  • 24 varieties of timber

Timbersource even needed 9 large pizzas to feed the film crew.

All pretty impressive, but just why did Timbersource choose to advertise using parkour?

Well, it all comes down to speed. Just as Jacob covered the Timbersource warehouse without letting anything get in his way, Timbersource themselves offer high-quality products faster than the vast majority of suppliers. They’re keenly aware of the fact that 3 to 4 week lead times are common in the industry. In contrast, they’re able to fulfil customer orders while you wait.

The parkour video highlighted the speed of that service. When customers visit the company’s warehouse in Somerset, they get to select a choice of timber and then enjoy a refreshing cup of tea or coffee while it is cut to size and perfectly prepared. Can’t come visit them directly? They’ll come to you via next working day delivery for customers who order online through the website. You can even pick a specific day for click & collect or delivery – that’s an almost unheard-of service in the timber industry.

Unlike Jacob in his parkour sequence, Timbersource don’t need to take short-cuts. They’re able to provide such fast service thanks to a wide range of timber in stock and a dedicated team of staff.

As summed up by Timbersource MD, Stuart Kemp: “We wanted a marketing message that reflected the speed and flexibility of the new service we have launched – where a customer can come in, make an order and the process of completing that order immediately begins. The order is completed whilst the customer is still at the yard”.