For many, their wedding day is said to be the happiest day of their lives. Of course, to get to that stage, someone has to be proactive and ask β€˜The Question’. With our lives more interconnected than ever due to the onset of social media, you may feel as if the pressure is on to make your proposal really special. You’ve searched for hours and hours online at engagement rings like the ones at, you’ve finally got one you love and now it is time to do the proposing.

Fear not, help is at hand. We’ve taken the time to compile a shortlist of marriage proposal ideas, increasing your likelihood of getting a “yes”.

The Treasure Hunt

Simplistic in nature, this idea is sure to go down a treat. What you will need to do is draft a list of places that your partner could take a few friends to as a sort of day trip. Spas, boutiques, a restaurant for a nice lunch; anywhere they will be able to enjoy themselves.

At each location or venue, you will want to leave a note to your beloved. In this note should be a few heartfelt words as well as clues to their next destination.

Once they’ve made their way through the treasure hunt, you will need to be at the final location, engagement ring in hand, ready to propose. It might be nice to have any family or friends present who helped plan the day, ready to celebrate with you. However, make sure you know your partner’s choice and taste in jewelry though. If you would want to have the perfect proposal, you might want to scourge the internet for various Denver engagement rings (if you are in Denver, Colorado that is) before you go down on one knee.

Create a Short Film

With the use of photos and video clips you’ve compiled together throughout your relationship, create a short film which details its timeline. Your first holiday, the first time you met each other’s parents, your first house together; all good material.

For extra brownie points, see if you can hire out a cinema screen for half an hour, giving you the chance to showcase your handiwork. Friends and family could be let in through a rear door in secret, ready to watch the proposal once the credits start rolling. And just when it ends, and when you can see that she is emotional, pop out the ring that you got from a trusted jeweller (perhaps one like Sol Diamonds) and ask THE QUESTION. It is bound to make her feel special.

The images and clips that you show could spark a series of flashbacks in her mind. It would remind her of the beautiful moments she’s shared with you and how you both could spend a happy life together.

The Ski Lift

If you’re both avid snow lovers, how about a proposal you’ll both never forget. The idea is to write a series of personal messages in the snow, directly beneath the path of your chosen ski lift. As you’re returning to the top of the slope, your partner will be able to read these messages, each one saying something special before culminating in the final, “will you marry me?”.

It might be an idea to make use of food colouring so that whatever you write is slightly more legible.

Make It Personal

Whatever you decide to do should have significant meaning to both parties, the possibilities truly are endless. Romantic proposal ideas don’t have to be expensive either as there are many great venues around the UK which grant free entry. Proposing itself has now become somewhat of an industry with several companies providing proposal planning services where they will assist you in planning every detail of your special occasion. If you would rather make it more personal by putting all of the effort in yourself, they’re still on hand to dispense great advice.

With a little forethought, your marriage proposal will be just as special as the day you get around to tying the knot.