It is important to dedicate time and effort on dental marketing to help make sure that you have a successful patient attraction system for your dental practice. Traditional dental marketing such as word-of-mouth referrals and leaflets through the door are now ineffective and insufficient for helping to maintain a busy and successful dental practice. Everyone is searching for their answers online. Therefore, when a potential patient types in their dental needs, a specific dental treatment, or even the name of your dental practice directly into the Google search bar they should be able to find all the information that they are looking for immediately. They should be presented with a modern and attractive website or a beautiful social media page, ideally both and more, so that they can contact you directly and do not have to look elsewhere.

Competitor analysis and market research

To help you put together a good patient attraction system, first you need to make sure that you carry out competitor analysis and market research, to find out what dental needs are most prevalent in your geographical vicinity and which treatments and procedures potential patients are interested in. This means that you can focus on marketing these aspects of your services more strongly, whilst being informed about what your competitors have to offer, so that you are in keeping with current trends at all times and do not lose potential patients to the other practices in your area.

Market research and survey requires time and effort, and it needs to be carried out on a regular basis. Therefore, unless you have a dedicated member of staff to do this, you need to contact a digital dental marketing team who will carry out this research on your behalf, and use the information to its best potential to help create a strong patient attraction system for you. Additionally, you can also consult for resources that can help with market research such as MaxDiff Analysis or similar methods that could be optimized based on your business industry and can provide procedures to conduct these surveys effectively and efficiently.

Search engine optimisation

An award-winning, digital dental marketing team will be able to help you put together a website which has strong search engine optimisation or SEO, as well as providing excellent user experience and a good conversion rate, which means visitors to your website will be encouraged to book an appointment and visit you in person very soon.

SEO requires a system of techniques and strategies which help potential patients find you easily when they search for their dental needs on google. Google takes into consideration almost 200 different factors when creating its search results pages. By adhering to Google’s preferences you will be able to achieve a strong position in search results pages for dental searches in your area. This means carrying out consumer research as well as competitor analysis and using this information strategically, helping Google recognise that your website has the answers that potential patients are searching for. For good user experience you need a website that is user-friendly and accessible for all. The longer a visitor spends on your website the greater chance there is that they will find what they are looking for and book an appointment to address their health needs at your dental practice. Also Google assesses how long a visitor spends on your website. The longer that they do so, the higher your position in the search results page, because Google recognises that you are a worthy contender and directs more potential patients to explore your website and find out additional information about you.