The United Kingdom is packed with cities ideal for weekend getaways, so the only problem is having to choose between them. As you check out what’s available, you’re likely to notice Bristol coming out ahead. Here are just a few reasons why it’s such a favoured spot for city breaks.

Attractions for All the Family

Plenty of couples and younger people take city breaks, but it’s mostly a family affair. That goes a long way towards explaining Bristol’s popularity – it’s absolutely bursting with family-friendly activities. To view wildlife from across the planet, head to Bristol Zoo – make tracks to Bristol Aquarium if you’re more interested in what’s under the sea. The SS Great Britain is one of many educational attractions that are still great fun for kids, and you shouldn’t miss We The Curious for some interactive workshops.

Heaps of Culture

Even if you don’t have kids tagging along, you’ll find that Bristol offers plenty to keep you occupied. A range of fine dining establishments, including Michelin-star eateries, can tickle your taste buds, and there are plenty of museums, galleries, and classic works of architecture to feast your eyes on. In the evening, take in a show at one of the city’s many theatres.

Exquisite Accommodations

Bristol has more than its fair share of chain hotels, but you’ll also encounter a wide array of more interesting and attractive accommodations. Serviced apartments are particularly tempting in Bristol – they’re often converted from graceful Victorian homes and positioned right in the centre of town.

Beautiful Countryside Walks

Some cities are perfect for culture and entertainment but not so great if you fancy seeing some of the great outdoors. Bristol isn’t like that; you might associate it with the heyday of British industry, but stunning natural scenery will still be right on your doorstep. Whether you want to stroll along the banks of the Avon or take a more challenging hike across the Downs, you’ll find plenty of opportunity.