If you go to your local library (if you can find it that is and if a physical library still exists) and you go down the self-help isle, looking for a health and fitness guide, if you happen to come across one which was published a few years ago you’ll marvel at just how far we’ve come in that regard. You could perhaps get a much better guide covering the exact same topic by simply whipping your mobile device out and running a quick Google search.

We now have entire libraries in our pockets, although we naturally do have to sift through a lot of junk mail and filler garbage to get to the meat of the information we’re looking for and you can pretty much become a health and fitness expert within a matter of a few weeks from just browsing the internet. I mean a certain supplement such as one which contains lean protein may not have even existed a few years ago in the form and quality that it exists in today, which is why now — 2017 is the best time for you to really explore your health and fitness goals as an enthusiast. As things stand right now, we have the largest collection of facts, figures, studies, products, services, inspirational stories and everything else which a fitness and health enthusiasts could ever ask for and deploy to realise their very own goals.

Well, I suppose that’s always true of the present because you can always look back retrospectively. Some of the things that were cast in iron don’t seem to be as irrefutable as they’ve since been shown to be, like how it was once believed that fat should perhaps be completely cut out of the diet of someone who wants to live a healthier life. We now know that there are some good fats which are essential and that’s just one of many examples.

As much as “the present” perhaps always represents the most up-to-date collection of information and tools to make a success out of anything, including the realisation of one’s health and fitness goals, this time it’s a bit different because many of those tools have had quite a bit of time to get tested, tweaked and improved. Think about it — are there any new fitness gadgets which have been unveiled for the New Year? If you can think of any, get in touch, otherwise I can’t think of any.

Many of the fitness gizmos we have at our disposal are those which have been improved after undergoing extensive exposure to real-life deployment, such as podometers, smart-watches, health and fitness apps, etc. All that the manufacturers and developers have done now is improve on them according to how their predecessors initially performed in real-life deployment, so if you buy a podometer or any other piece of health-and-fitness related tech, you’re perhaps getting the best version of it.

Bring that together with the most up-to-date information covering eating plans, fitness plans, etc. and you have yourself what is perhaps the most potent set of tools to make 2017 your best health and fitness year ever.