My Fitness Journey

As I have been going to the gym for 3 years now, I’m going to share with you some of the things I have learnt throughout this amazing fitness journey!

Baby steps

Turning up the gym and doing little-to-nothing is still a step in the right direction if you are not an avid gym goer. Aim to improve on your last session and become better, fitter, and thinner than you were last week. If you’ve been going for only a couple of weeks the results will take time to come in, so in the meantime, enjoy the process.

Motivation is rubbish

To some extent, motivation is not as crucial to your summertime goals as it’s made to be. Motivation is plastered all over the internet and the gym and made out to be the crucial ingredients to results. The secret? Routine and determination is the secret.

Gym classes

They are popular for reason! If you ever go to a gym often, you will notice a huge majority of will be in another room dripping with sweat to some extremely loud music. That’s gym classes for you. This is recommended for people who want to push themselves to the limit. It’s hard to quit when you have somebody standing over you are telling you “you can do it!”. It’s also really reassuring when you have people who are suffering with you.

Correct equipment

Of course, there are some obvious things that you should have in your gym bag before you head down. In order to carry all the essential gym gear you would need to have a durable and ergonomic gym bag (look at these sports backpacks if interested). This can allow you to fit all the necessary things in the bag such as running shoes, an appropriate outfit, sports bras, and the list goes on. But, there are a few little gems that you may want to consider purchasing if you are going to take this healthy lifestyle thing seriously. Here’s a big recommendation for the larger-breasted women, there is a product out on the market that you should seriously consider if you’re above average size. A Breast support band. Particularly, the Boobuddy, see for yourself These bands give that extra support that sports bras simply can’t provide. I have plenty of friends who prefer this product.

Another notable product I recommend would be a fitness watch. More specifically, a Fitbit. This product is a fantastic way of tracking your progress, not only in the gym but outside of the gym. I would invest in this product if you’re looking to improve your overall lifestyle and not just go the gym. Moreover, you can even customize your Fitbit using some of the amazing accessories on websites like for instance.

Don’t be rude, eat your food

It doesn’t matter if you’re losing weight or gaining lean muscle mass, you need to eat food. In-fact, going the gym is about 90% nutrition and food and 10% training. Now, you can imagine that if you’re not eating properly then you’re probably going to achieve your goals. Make sure your meals are balanced and contain all of the essential macro-nutrients (Carbs, Protein and Fats) as well as your vitamins and minerals.

All the above are my top tips for people starting out. It’s always good to clear up some misconceptions within the fitness industry. If you have any tips yourself, help a sister out and post a comment.