Music students constantly face the dilemma of whether to buy or rent a musical instrument. Every musician passes through a beginner stage where investing in a musical instrument becomes a crucial decision. If you are serious about getting better at playing your chosen instrument, you need hours and hours of practice. If you don’t have your own instrument, it would be hard to develop to the skill level you want. Here we compare the benefits of buying versus renting musical instruments.

Renting a musical instrument

Parents of music students automatically assume that renting is the cheaper option. Many Musical Instruments Specialists offer rental options. Even music schools advise parents to consider renting when the student is only starting out. Here are additional benefits of musical instrument rentals:

  • If you are looking for the easiest way to get access to a musical instrument, renting is your best option. All you need to secure is a recommendation from your music teacher to fill out a rental form.
  • Musical instruments are fragile and need proper care. If you rent a musical instrument, rental shops often include maintenance and cleaning as part of the package. They may also offer insurance in the rental agreement. However, be sure to ask if these services come with additional fees.
  • You can let go of the instrument anytime. Parents of music students often fear that their child may eventually lose interest in playing. If they buy a musical instrument, it may eventually end up locked in a closet or tucked in the attic. Because of this fear of wasted investment, parents often choose to rent because they can quickly let go of the instrument in case their child loses interest. You can however buy accessories for musical instruments such as organ benches or piano stools. Buying those items can be a good investment if you are learning to play an instrument like a piano. Even if you discontinue learning music, these items can be added to your home decor as iconic furniture pieces.

It is easy to understand why renting is considered as the cheaper option. However, there are other factors to consider which make buying a better choice in some instances.

Buying a musical instrument

While renting seems like the obvious choice for beginners, buying a musical instrument may be easier than you think. The internet has made it so much easier to find a musical instrument for sale. In addition to this, another option is buying used musical instruments instead of brand new ones. Musical instruments don’t lose their value over time. You can find a used musical instrument in excellent condition minus the hefty price tag. You could also get instrument wraps from websites such as Rockskins, or similar others to get the used instrument revamped.

Surely the main advantage of buying brand-new is that the instrument is in perfect condition. Nevertheless, used musical instruments can be just as good. Before considering buying a used musical instrument, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Ask questions as much as possible. Sellers of used musical instruments are also experts in the field. Find out as much as you can about the condition of the musical instrument and ask if you should be aware of any issues.
  • Seek the assistance of an expert when you go and buy a used musical instrument. If possible, bring a music teacher with you to guide you through the buying process.

Choosing to rent or buy an instrument is not always an easy decision. By weighing up the benefits of each choice, you can determine which option is the best for your situation.