Are you sacrificing your annual vacation because you need urgent dental treatment?

You deserve that hard-earned break, and with the advent of medical tourism and dental treatments in Hungary, it is possible to afford a dream holiday and smile!

What is the buzz about undergoing dental treatments in Hungary?

Dental care is accessible to everyone and no longer a luxury afforded to the elite. That said, there is a massive price difference between a routine check-up and a life-changing, expensive procedure, such as a root canal or implants. At the same time, your dental insurance is likely to cover only a small portion of the cost, and that is only if the treatment is declared medically necessary.

As a result of unaffordable services in their home countries, people are turning to dental treatments abroad as an alternative option.

Why are these treatments cheaper, what’s the catch?

The cost of living in Hungary is lower, which means the pricing structure of dental treatment  coincides with local Hungarian wages.

Findings have shown that patients opting for dental procedures overseas can save up to 70%, and that’s inclusive of accommodation, flights and other personal expenses.

With prices far cheaper, it is understandable that people have their doubts, thinking that low costs equate to substandard services. But there are several reputable Hungarian dental clinics that provide friendly and professional services, and advanced technology and equipment on par with some of the best practices in Britain.

For the most part, dentists in Budapest speak excellent English, so you will not have to worry about possible language barriers.

What are some of the benefits of dental treatments in Hungary?

With the right Budapest dentist, you can look forward to treatments that are not just on par with local dental procedures, but far superior.

In today’s world, patients can even book dental packages through agencies that arrange everything from your flights and your accommodation to liaising with your dentists. Some packages also include luxury stays at four-star spas. Relax as you recover with massages and more, without blowing your budget.

Another benefit of getting dental treatments done overseas is visiting a new country; you get a holiday out of the experience. After recovery, do some sightseeing; explore the historic sites and scenic vistas of the picturesque and thriving capital city of Budapest, Hungary.

What treatments are offered overseas?

The treatments you can get abroad vary, but the most common ones include prosthesis devices, such as dental implants, bridges and crowns, tooth-saving procedures like root canals, as well as specific cosmetic treatments, including facial aesthetics.

Can I afford dental procedures away from home?

As mentioned before, the overall cost of flights, accommodation and the treatment should be less than just the procedure at home. Saying that, these dental packages even luxurious ones, are on the rise for middle-income earners and people who are on a tight budget.

Are there risks?

Like any UK treatment, risks and complications do arise, so the same can occur elsewhere.

To combat these risks, make sure you conduct plenty of research. Read testimonials online, check the credentials of the medical professional and ensure that the procedures have warranties if something goes wrong.  Expect the same level of treatment that you would back home.