There is a lot of demand for photographers these days for all kinds of reasons, perhaps one of the most sought after is photography for photoshoots, modelling, and for personal pleasure such as family portraits. Many companies still call in photographers for online marketing. These days, products need to be professionally photographed so their quality and attraction is exaggerated for those who are searching for them online, so that businesses can draw their customers in. Although this has now escalated to 3d product modeling as well which is becoming an increasingly popular option. However for whichever reason you are seeking, finding the perfect photographer for your images can be a tough task. It’s a lot like finding the right hairstylist because there are a lot of expensive ones, lousy ones and great ones out there. One decision can make or break your image!

Choosing a good professional photographer requires careful consideration because they can either make your pictures look breath-taking or turn them into your worst nightmare.

Here is some advice on what to consider before hiring a professional photographer, whether you are looking for an event photographer or a product photographer for your business.


It’s important to examine the body of work when looking for a photographer. The people they have worked with, their advocates and their roster of clients are a few things that need to be considered. Go through their portfolio and observe their abilities in a range of different techniques and styles.

The basic idea is to assess whether the photographer has the experience and skills needed to execute the kind of shoot you are hoping for. A professional photographer should also have the expertise to deal with anything that can possibly go wrong. Make sure you look through their website, blog and portfolios to see if their style matches your ideas. Their experience is reflected in the quality of their work so make sure you do thorough research before settling. Some photographers will be able to capture certain pictures better than others. For example, if you need product photos being taken, perhaps for your website or Amazon, then you’d be more inclined to use the services offered by sunken stone, rather than services offered by a wedding photographer. This is because sunken stone would know more about product photography than any other niche, and a wedding photographer may struggle to capture great images of still products as they’re used to photographing real life.

Location of the Photographer

Although most photographers travel for their shoots, not all can travel the distance if they are new in the business and struggling to make ends meet. You can save big money by considering a photographer close to you.

You won’t be able to get an estimate of the exact cost until you know where your photographer is based because prices vary according to location. For example, if you are in London there are photographers like Howlett Photography who you can contact. They specialise in a diverse range of photography styles from still life photography to events and have extremely affordable packages to suit your needs.


Your budget determines the level of expertise you can acquire and various photographers have a diverse price that needs to be paid. From the perspective of a photographer, the cost associated with the shoot depends on what is being photographed, the equipment and staff required, and the end product coming from the shoot.

When hiring a photographer, ask about any additional variable charges that might incur. This will save you from the shock of having to pay extra in the end for printing, retouching, consultation, etc. The budget is fundamental and needs to be carefully considered to make sure it is fair and appropriate for all concerned parties.

Equipment Used

Even though it is not important to know the exact equipment the photographer is using, you should find out if the equipment in use is up-to-date and capable of achieving the desired results for your photography project. The cost of equipment does not reflect the quality of pictures directly because the skills and expertise are also a major factor that leads to an amazing photograph.

A good photographer can create superb images with all sorts of equipment both high and low in cost. However, if you have a project that needs a large-scale photograph for a billboard, the photographer will need to use a camera with a large mega pixel count to ensure the best results.


One of the important things you need to consider before hiring a professional photographer is how often you will need one. For events like weddings, you can afford to pay a one-time high price, but if you’re in the fashion industry, having a full-time photographer will be economical and cost-effective in the long run.

If you know the frequency of use, you can decide and set a budget accordingly. This way you might actually get a package suited to your needs.

All of these things are important to know before hiring a professional photographer for any event, fashion shoot or product photography gig. Your educated decision can make a world of difference!