A lot of us eat poorly, I know because I do! I’ve been eating junk foods every single day for the last week like pizza, ice cream, burgers and a lot of chips.

These foods make us feel tired, bloated, heavy and like not ourselves and we just feel out of sync.

Right now, I will show what I usually do every single day to detox my body and get myself back on track.

So without further ado, here are my 5 simple health tips to detoxify your body naturally in just 1 day.

Take Hot Lemon Water

First thing that I like to do in the morning is to drink hot lemon water.

Lemon helps wake you up, gives you jolt of energy and helps keep things moving.

So take hot lemon water right when you wake up and before you take your breakfast.

Make a Detox Smoothie

Not all smoothie should be full of sugar. That said, you have to create your own healthy smoothie that also promotes detox and cleansing benefits.

High fiber herbs and fruits that help cleanse the body include ginger, dragon fruit, celery, papaya, banana, apple, kiwi, all types of berries and many others.

These smoothies might not taste good but just enjoy it because it will definitely give tons of health benefits.

Smoothies can help jump start your morning, or take it as your mid-morning or afternoon snack, if you are really hungry and you just need something to get through the day.

Take Dietary Detox Supplements

Dietary detox supplements are formulated to help cleanse your body, promote healthy immunity and encourage optimum energy levels on a daily basis.

These products are non-toxic, natural and completely safe to most dieters and health conscious individuals.

Dietary detox pills are filled with wide variety of healthy enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that helps flush the bad stuff out of your system and ensures your body is functioning properly.

Exercise Your Body

We all know exercise is healthy and quite important. It keeps your muscles strong, burns fat and calories, maintains flexibility, increases your aerobic capacity, strengthens your immune system and offers a pleasurable endorphin release.

As an added benefit, exercise actually helps your body to detoxify itself naturally.

Your body can’t detoxify itself completely without doing any physical activities. Moving your body triggers important detox processes – breathe, stretch, circulate and sweat.

Our skin is the largest organ, and waste is eliminated by the skin through sweating.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg as exercise offers tons of ways to help cleanse your system.

And if you exercise, you need to…

Drink a Lot of Water

It is really a good idea to drink more water during a detox period especially if you workout.

Skin can sweat more and the kidneys can filter toxins effectively if you consume more water daily.

Increasing water intake, as well as your breathing and heart rate through exercise, will help your body to effectively remove harmful toxins, fats and wastes.


I’ve always try to find new ways to detox my body and these 5 simple tricks are very helpful to me.

Please share these facts to help others how to cleanse their system naturally in just 1 day and be healthy together!

About the Author

Perly Rodolfo is a mother of two, health and fitness advocate and a blogger just like Katie. Make sure to check out one of her website at Popular Diet Pills.