What is a water flosser? Fair question – these handy little devices aren’t as widely known as they should be. Essentially, a water flosser uses a thin but powerful spray of water to clean between your teeth.

So, why should you use a water flosser? Well, there are advantages that everyone can enjoy; water flossers are generally soft on the gums and easy to use. However, you’ll find them particularly useful if:

You Have Sensitive Gums

Even if you’re careful not to snap string floss against your gums, people with sensitive gums can still cause irritation. This is a real problem since they’re essentially left to choose between cleaner teeth and healthy gums. A water flosser eliminates the need for such an oral ultimatum. A water flosser’s jet is strong enough to remove plaque and food debris but not nearly strong enough to irritate the gums.

You Have Gum Disease

Gum disease is a serious issue, so it makes sense to invest in speciality oral healthcare equipment if you develop it. Gum recession is one of the problems posed by gum disease. As the gums pull away, bacteria can form in exposed pockets or even penetrate below the gum line. String floss can’t get into those pockets or along the entire gum line, but a water flosser can.

You Have a Small Mouth

Some people have smaller mouths than others, and that can make it tough to reach the back teeth using standard string floss. Even when you get to the back, it’s tricky to properly manipulate your string floss. Unlike string floss, water flossers don’t need to be manipulated with two hands. Instead simply move the flosser to the back of your mouth and direct it appropriately.

You Have Braces

Fixed braces tend to stay on for months or even years at a time – you can’t afford to let your oral healthcare routine falter for such an extended period, but it’s generally hard to manoeuvre floss or even a toothbrush around fixed braces. Certain spots go uncleaned, and food debris often develops around anchors and supports. Water flossers are perfectly easy to use with braces, and you can also use them to remove food debris.