Most of us have been to a wedding and it is a great day out. We get to celebrate the love that two people have for each other, but we also get to have a fun day out that hopefully we will remember many years from now. We do, however, forget about the significance of a wedding cake and what it represents and all we worry about is whether it tastes good or not. It is up there in importance with the wedding dress and the location for the wedding and cannot be overlooked. The cake itself doesn’t really have value as food, but is known as a symbol as it marks the event of the marriage between two people who are very much in love.

It Is Central

Aside from finding the perfect wedding venue, the cake itself tends to be the central element of the wedding reception as it sits there on the top table where everyone can see it. There is no requirement to have a cake as laid out by the church that you married in or by any civil laws and yet there it sits. Most wedding cakes come in four layers and range in many different designs from the classic look, to the modern or traditional and contemporary and is generally customized to the couple’s style, and of course their sweet tooth. The cake itself can be moist or dry and it may have no filling or lots of filling with icing shaped like flowers all around.

It Is Art

The wedding cake is indeed art and the wedding cake decorations can be quite beautiful and intricate. The wedding cake can be both food and art and is a representation of what the ceremony of marriage means. The cutting of the cake is a very important part of the whole ceremony and when the cake is divided out, it comes with a number of myths attached. Historically, young ladies would bring the piece of cake home and place it under their pillow in the hope that they too could meet the love of their life and get married. Many couples do not cut into the top tier of the cake and this is kept for consumption on the christening of their first child.


The wedding cake is involved in a wedding ceremony a lot and when photographs are to be taken the wedding cake is used as the backdrop or at the front. The traditional cutting of the cake takes place and out comes the cameras again. The bouquets which the bride and bridesmaids have, are also placed around the outside of the cake on the top table. When the bride and groom do cut into the cake, it is then sectioned off and given to the guests attending and what is left is kept to be sent to those family members who could not attend.

The wedding cake is a representation of the whole marriage and as such is a very important part of the whole occasion. It is important therefore to pick someone who can make you the best cake possible with the most beautiful decorations on top and all around.