5 design ideas to make your kitchen pop

Whether you have just bought your first home or are aiming to refurbish a property for the higher-end rental market, it can be a challenge to know how to turn your property into a stylish abode.

And as the emphasis on cooking shows and other kitchen-based media becomes more widespread and popular, you will probably want to start your refurb with the heart of the home- the kitchen.

If you are looking to let your property, chances are that you will want something affordable but attractive, but if you are settling into your new home, you can personalise the property a bit more, with an emphasis on longevity. Either way, while researching design aspects for your kitchen, you will undoubtedly come across wooden worktops across the UK.

But how can you use a wooden surface to brighten your kitchen and your home?

Rethink the classics

When you hear the word classic kitchen, what images spring to mind?

If you are like most people, then it is probable that the image includes a granite countertop (like the ones customized by Francostone, for instance), a light wooden work surface and lots of natural-looking imperfections, such as knots and inconsistent grain.

And of course, in a world or formulaic and generated worktops, why not opt for a classic design to add some personality to your kitchen?

Uniting other surfaces

So, the countertop is wooden; what else can you accessorise?

Why not the splashback behind the hobs, or even the top of a floating island or table? If you take the right amount of care and maintain these surfaces, they can add an impressive value to your home and also personalise it to your tastes.

Timeless or modern?

So, back to the timeless kitchen; do you want your worktops to be longer and wider, for ultimate form and function or, are you looking to add a more modern feel?

As more modern kitchens tend to include smaller areas for working on, your decision on this should tie into your personal preferences; will you be using the kitchen worktops a lot or will they be more for show?

Even the type of wood can play a huge part here- for more contemporary designs, you could try a darker wood like walnut, which can offer redder or even purple hues. Or, for a more traditional design, oak or beech can offer the lighter look you are after, while also being hardy enough to regularly chop food on.


And while this is an area that many people want to avoid, you will need to be practical.

Which wood type can you afford? How workable is your chosen wood and, most importantly, is there a local business that can offer the wooden worktop of your choosing?

Always be receptive to such concerns and be practical with your choices. However, if things aren’t in your favor, be open to other options like granite or tile slab yard. As in the kitchen, it is more about usability than it is about aesthetics.

Colour schemes

Even in the most cost-effective kitchens, you will want there to be a colour scheme.

As mentioned before, darker woods can assist in a more modern feel when contrasted correctly, but lighter woods can help give your home look more like a cottage when matched with pastel paints or hues.