I guess growing up does have its perks, despite your body finding more and more ways to let you know that the day you depart this earth is edging ever closer. One of these “perks” for me personally is that of not having to be stuck in a situation you really don’t want to be in, like having to watch the weekend football on TV with your dad because mom left early in the morning to do the shopping and dad wants you right there on the couch with him where he can easily keep one eye on you.

I have no idea where on earth I got the idea that it would get better though, in terms of my rather indifferent relationship with sports. Don’t get me wrong, I love going outdoors and being active in whatever way I can manage, even if it means kicking the football around with the boys I grew up around now and then, but growing up seems to come with a repetition of all those elements one hated as a child, except this time you suffer the illusion of thinking you have the freedom to not have to put up with it.

I mean you can always go out with the girls when your significant other has his eyes glued to the screen, dressed up in nothing but his favourite team’s replica jersey and screaming expletives at the screen (if he’s an Arsenal fan, that is), can’t you? You most definitely can…

There is a limit to it though because at some point you start to realise that you are indeed actually stuck with things like sports. For as long as you’re going to be a part of your significant other’s life, their favourite football club, rugby team, cricket player, sports star, etc, are all going to be a big part of both your lives! You can choose to be bitter about it and effectively compound your own misery, or you can take a bit more of a proactive approach and try to extract some fun out of the whole process.

I’m talking about online sports betting – sports betting is the spice of weekend sports. You should try it out and then sit down with your dude on the couch – you’ll find that you’ll actually enjoy what is otherwise a bunch of men chasing around a piece of inflated leather and going absolutely crazy when one of their own manages to put that inflatable piece of leather between what are called goal posts!

It makes it all so much more exciting now that I am quite literally invested in the games, particularly if you know a few cheeky bonus codes, like this Mr Play Sports Bonus Code UK, for example, which can help you win big.

So I implore you to check out some football betting at William Hill – come and have a bet and you’ll never see weekend sports in the same light again. In addition to this encouraging you to learn the rules and all the other dynamics which actually make the sports fun, you will also be in with a chance to win some big money. It sure will be nice having to explain to your boyfriend just why you seem to be celebrating extra hard given the fact that their team just went a goal down when you know that things are shaping up in line with how you wagered on the weekend sports.