The link between Pycnogenol and diabetes is quite complicated as most people are unaware of the contribution of this herbal supplement. It is a very potent anti-oxidant extracted from the pine trees of the maritime forest in France. Studies conducted in the US have shown its ability to minimize blood sugar levels in the body and aid in effective protection of the blood vessels. This is more essential for the protection of the smaller vessels such as the ones present in the retina. By providing assistance in binding collagen and dilating blood vessels naturally Pycnogenol helps to maintain the structural integrity of the blood vessels.


Supplementing with this this herbal product on a regular basis has shown positive impacts through the reduction of inflammation of the blood marker CRP. People facing diabetic complications are well aware of the fact that the silent inflammation of the CRP is the stepping stone for type 2 diabetes. But to experience the benefits of this supplement in combating diabetic complications it is necessary to know the appropriate Pycnogenol usage guidelines.

The new age treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

As people get older forgetfulness becomes a high possibility with the normal functioning of the brain getting slower. In order to combat such problems, commonly known as Alzheimer’s, several research studies have been conducted over the years. There were various noted impacts on the user taking supplements like Pycnogenol which made an improvement in their thinking capability and helped in boosting memory. Although this supplement does not completely reverse the effect of Alzheimer’s yet it can slow down or restrict the progression of such disease considerably.

Much is yet to be uncovered about the beneficial effects of this herbal extract to totally cure Alzheimer’s patients through a complete reversal effect. However, extreme care must be exercised while prescribing this compound as most elderly people are under conventional pharmaceutical medications which might interact with this supplement to produce negative effects.


Knowing the duration of use

The duration of use of this herbal supplement is dependent upon the prescribed dosage level and the purpose for which it is used. Most of the dosages recommended are based upon trial and error methods conducted in research labs. However, many doses are also based on single or even uncontrolled studies. The duration of use is critical to the outcome that can be expected from the use of this supplement. The usage duration most commonly prescribed as per clinical trials range from 2 to 3 months, although long term use may also be advised.

There is no published pharmacology, toxicology or chemistry that suggests limited usage duration of this medicinal extract. Moreover, there is also no past evidence from the use of this product that tends to show negative impacts upon prolonged period of use. Manufacturers of this supplement also recommend Pycnogenol usage guidelines depending upon the concentration of the product being marketed. The dosage level and the period of use to obtain preventive effects is different from the ones aimed at relieving chronic health complications.