Whether your own turn to be the one getting married has come around or not, there comes a time in all our lives when it seems as if your peers are in a race against time to tie the knot. It’s true for both your friends and family and it appears as if that life stage just doesn’t seem to pass once it has commenced.

If more than a handful of people consider you to be one of their closest friends then you’re really in for it in terms of having to come to the party on more of an organisational level than as a mere guest. You’ll definitely be a guest of honour, but you’ll have a lot of responsibilities thrown your way, such as organising the hen do or taking your girls for a trip to the largest bachelorette party in the world. That’s not all! You may even be helping out with if not totally taking charge of just about all the other organisational elements of the upcoming wedding ceremony.

Not to fear though. Although it is indeed a huge responsibility, it’s been done before and done to death at that. In addition, organising something like a stag or hen do is perhaps the most fun you can have in your adult years which closest resembles your younger years.

Truth in a Cliché

Organiser’s anxiety often creeps right into the mind of anyone specifically tasked with organising a stag or hen party, mostly because they try to reinvent the wheel a bit too much. This is the one time when all the clichés are most welcome, but not all of the clichés because you can incorporate fun activities like go-carting, you can hit an erotic theatre and just enjoy a bucket-load of group activities in addition to the likes of hitting a gentlemen’s club. Typical stag and hen do things such as hiring strippers (perhaps Virginia Strippers if you are in that area) are equally as popular now to when they first became the ‘thing to do’. Having a stripper arrive will be a sure way to put a smile (or a surprised face) on your stag or hen.

It’s about the Journey, Not the Destination

Since we’re on clichés, organising hen and stag dos should indeed be about the journey and not necessarily about the destination. Okay, it should perhaps be as much about the journey as it is about the destination because nobody really wants to endure what is essentially an anti-climax, although the looming wedding ceremony proper acts as somewhat of a safety net everybody will be looking forward to, so if the stag or hen do isn’t quite what you might have expected it to be, you can all take refuge in the fact that the wedding itself is still coming up. This doesn’t afford you any leeway to slack on organising the hen or stag do though and fortunately it’s pretty hard to mess something like that up these days, with all the options available to you.

So you can take your pick from ready-made stag and hen events from one of the best organisers, The Stag and Hen Experience. Some of the top destinations for stag and hen weekends offered exist in the form of city breaks, which make for the perfect locations to access and get up to all the typical activities enjoyed by stag and hen party crowds. Keep in mind that it’s all about engaging the group — that’s what makes it all fun!