Windsocks may be one of the greatest yet simplest inventions we have ever had, especially since they play a significant role in various facilities such as airports and manufacturing and chemical plants. Windsocks are shaped like a tube which is tapered at the end, and with this shape, the wind can blow through the windsock, and the windsock can then indicate the direction and strength of the wind. But although they are simple and easy to use and understand, you still need to choose your windsocks wisely. There are various factors to consider when it comes to selecting windsocks, and these include the attachment, the colour, the location, and more. Here, then, is how you can choose the best windsock for your needs.

  • The windsock’s attachment 

A frame system using swivels is often required for windsocks with single eyelets. The swivel arms also require the use of a 4-way windsock harness design or style. There are also windsocks which you can lace on, where the windsock is laced over a swivel cage’s mouth, but this is usually applicable to the heavy-duty use and commercial aviation requirements.

  • The windsock’s colour

Most of the windsocks you will find today have a bright orange colour, but you may have certain regulations in your local community or area that requires a specific pattern or colour. The reason why most of the windsocks you will find are in an orange colour is because the colour is bright and stands out, and it can contrast well with many kinds of backgrounds. Perhaps an exception would be in a desert area, where a windsock that is orange may blend in with the surrounding environment. In cases like these, the windsock may be in a striped pattern.

  • The windsock’s pole

Windsocks also need poles, so they can be properly attached to the ground, and poles come in an array of styles and designs as well. These include standard steel poles as well as aluminium poles, fibreglass poles, special airport poles and masts, free-standing poles, permanent wall poles, and even temporary telescopic poles.

  • Know the rules

There are different rules for the use of windsocks in various places. Apart from the windsock’s colour, you may also have to think about the rules in regard to the fixing mechanism of the windsock as well as its size. A good supplier of windsocks and windsock poles can give you advice on the best ways to use windsocks according to rules and regulations and other requirements.

  • The location of the windsock

The place where you are thinking of installing the windsock can also affect the kind of windsock you will purchase in the end. For this, you need to focus on the material’s quality and durability. If the location of the windsock has powerful winds, it follows that you should choose a strong and hardy material for your windsock so that it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

You would do well to find a good supplier of windsocks and complete windsock poles and kits so that you can rest assured that your choice is the best one for your needs.


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