How to Fly with Children
Parents never have a day off – and even though they would love to enjoy a lovely getaway with all the family, they can’t bring themselves to step on a plane with their little ones. Travelling with children is never easy, but there are some things you can do to make the experience a lot more enjoyable for both you and them.

Book a Night Flight

Many people don’t really like to fly during the night, but it can often be the best option when you’re flying with children. You can really tire them out in the day, so they are more likely to sleep on the dimly-lit plane to your destination. You might even be able to grab a nap yourself!

Use Your Changing Bag

If you have a travelling with a baby, your changing bag will most likely constitute as your hand luggage, which is why I recommend you use as much of that space as possible. In addition to the baby’s food, nappies, clothing and creams, you should add in toys, layers for the flight and maybe even a blanket.

Toys & Games

As any parent will know, young children require entertainment as boredom can quickly set in. Before the boredom cries start, give you child or children some toys or games to play on the flight – or you could even play a game such as eye-spy or who am I to keep their attention off the plane ride. If you really want to make them happy, hand them a brand new toy they’ve been dying to play with and you can guarantee they’ll be grinning from ear-to-ear the whole journey.

Boiled Sweets

Unfortunately, children can often suffer from their ears popping during take-off. While you might not ordinarily like to give you kids hard boiled sweets, they can often be a lifesaver during the plane journey, as they will stop them from becoming uncomfortable and prevent your ears from hurting from all the crying. Don’t forget to shower them with plenty of kisses, and reassure them during the journey that the sensations are all just part of flying.

Food, Glorious Food

Never rely on airline food to keep a child’s hunger at bay. We recommend taking some snacks with you, as they will ensure they don’t suffer from any hunger pangs throughout the flight. Also, don’t forget to buy them something to drink once you’ve passed through security or you’re on your plane.
So, now you know how to keep your children entertained and happy during a flight, it’s time to give yourself a break with a relaxing holiday abroad. Go on, you deserve it!