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Join in the Hype with this Streetwear Brand

The chances are, if you’ve visited any London hangout that’s frequented by cool, trendy youngsters, you’re going to have seen an item of clothing from Hype. With daring prints and unique designs, the clothing created by Hype is bold, distinguished and undoubtedly “out there”. With young, fresh directors, the brand has focussed their clothing towards teenagers and twentysomethings, meeting the demands of their clientele who want something that boasts individuality but remains in-line with the latest fashions. Right now, there’s a lot of hype about this brand. A Tale of Success The creative people behind Hype started out in...

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Afternoon Tea: A Sophisticated Dining Experience

I am your typical Brit to a tee. There is nothing I love more than a rainy Sunday, and then moaning about the terrible weather on the Monday. It is the British way. I love cups of tea, Coronation Street and country walks. So, when the parents told me they were going to afternoon tea, I just had to tag along. Now, it’s not just the cakes and scones that swayed me to book on, but the fact that it is a unique, traditional dining experience that is steeped in English history. They were going to celebrate their anniversary...

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Understanding Generations Y & Z

Before you point your finger at the screen and conclude that I’ve inadvertently given away my age by speaking about generations x and y, you’re only partially right. I hasten to add that I’m part of generation y, but as with all of these mechanisms of classification, painting everybody who falls into a certain age group with one brush never makes for an accurate way of characterising people. I see this particularly in relation to the differences – the stark differences I notice between even two best friends who are the exact same age. What then about the differences...

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Lighting options for a child-friendly home

Lighting is a matter of great importance in a home – particularly I a home with kids. Here are a few tips on how to make your home child-friendly through the effective use of lighting. Brightness Having bright rooms in a child-friendly home is essential. Not only will a room feel more welcoming and provide a warmer and friendlier environment for children to feel comfortable in, bright rooms also help with safety which parents will understand plays a big day-to-day role. The brighter and well-lit a room is, the less chances of your toddler bumping and hurting themselves. A brighter home will allow you to see any potential health and for these reasons, you will also want as much natural light seeping through windows in your home as possible. Flexible Lighting Naturally, it’s not possible for a home to be well-lit and bright all the time. During the evening and night times you will require dim lighting, particularly when trying to get your child to sleep (we know how hard that can be). Therefore flexible lighting options are recommended and lights with dimmers being a good option. That way, one lighting option can serve the purpose of brightening or dimming a room without having to invest in a number of different lamps. Lampcommerce provides a great choice of flexible lighting options and the Artemide range has the perfect lighting...

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you’ve been to more than your fair share of baby showers, your own included, you’ll be well aware of just how difficult it can be to pick out gifts, especially if your focus is more on the baby to come as opposed to the mum-to-be. The process of picking out a gift is in itself difficult enough, but the challenge is further compounded by the fact that you probably don’t want a scenario where you’ve picked out and wrapped a gift that’s exactly the same as someone else’s. I get it, it perhaps makes for a good bit...

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