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Why Bingo Is Now For Millennials

There is a particular charm surrounding millennials and their hobbies. Whilst generations before us embraced new technology and shunned the pastimes of their grannies, some millennials are delving into more traditional hobbies like knitting, baking and bingo. The latter is becoming increasingly popular amongst younger people, with recent demographic reports stating that 59% of UK-based online bingo players are aged between 18 and 45. This indicates an increase of two thirds over the past decade, but why have millennials become so interested in a game that was once reserved for pensioners and grandmothers? “Girl Using Laptop in park” (CC BY-SA...

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Novels Worthy of English Beaches

‘Beach read’ has come to connote something a bit trashy, or at least not too taxing on the old grey matter. Britain has some of the most atmospheric beaches around, so why spoil the view with something below standard? You don’t have to lug along a mind-bending bore in order to have a good page-turning time, and these novels will fill both your beach-holiday reading needs and your mind. So unfurl a luxurious towel and prepare to ensconce yourself – bundle up or slather on the sun cream because you’ll be totally absorbed.  The Moonstone, 1868 This intricate mystery...

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Tips To Have a Stylish Home Even with Kids

It’s the age-old question asked by moms: can you have it all? Of course, in this instance, we’re not talking about having it all regarding the ideal family and work-life balance. Instead, we mean can you have children and also have a stylish home? Does having little ones mean you have to sacrifice your sense of design style? The simple answer is, no. At the same time, it does require some smart planning and design to ensure you have the best of both worlds: your house full of kids, and a space that looks great. Below are some key...

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Bad Habits That Lead to Weight Gain

As old habits can be hard to break, they may also lead to weight gain and ruin any weight-loss efforts. Sometimes we often tend to indulge in junk foods, accept extra treats or even skip out on the gym. While indulging every so often shouldn’t be an issue, what we do habitually is. Even the smallest bad habits we make can make a difference in our weight.  Even with the best diet plan, these bad habits can add up. If we avoid these behaviors, this may help to prevent them from becoming part of your daily lifestyle. Here are...

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Why Protein Powders are More Popular Than Ever

Protein powder this, protein shake that. Everyone who’s going to the gym seems to be talking about protein powder. Although the fitness supplement has long been an essential part of many  bodybuilding enthusiasts, its popularity gained momentum anew thanks to many fitness buffs who are turning to protein supplements even when they are not trying to grow larger muscles. And the reason is clear: the added protein has more benefits than just large, bodybuilder muscles. Also, you need to remember to get discounts on your Myprotein whey protein powders by visiting online coupon sites. We have listed the five...

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