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Getting your eyes tested

Taking care of our sight seems to be easy to overlook. For many who don’t wear or need any type of prescription glasses, we often ignore visiting an optometrist if there is nothing inherently wrong with our sight. It is often recommended that we see one about once every other year. With the eye being the most important or one of the most important organs in the human body. It is crucial to maintain the health and longevity of this sense. Moving over one hundred thousand times a day, not even stopping while we sleep. With that, one why...

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The Cost of Eating In Vs Eating Out

It’s perhaps an open secret that choosing to stay in over going out is an option for those seeking to save a bit of money. With regards to the cost of food though, how much does one really save when staying in as opposed to eating out? Looking at the UK’s favourite dishes, we drill down to the finest details of the costs associated with eating in versus eating out, taking into account the cost of food in the five biggest cities in the UK. So these are the UK’s favourite dishes (ranked in order of popularity), according to...

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Ability of Pycnogenol to cure Diabetes

The link between Pycnogenol and diabetes is quite complicated as most people are unaware of the contribution of this herbal supplement. It is a very potent anti-oxidant extracted from the pine trees of the maritime forest in France. Studies conducted in the US have shown its ability to minimize blood sugar levels in the body and aid in effective protection of the blood vessels. This is more essential for the protection of the smaller vessels such as the ones present in the retina. By providing assistance in binding collagen and dilating blood vessels naturally Pycnogenol helps to maintain the structural integrity of the blood vessels. Supplementing with this this herbal product on a regular basis has shown positive impacts through the reduction of inflammation of the blood marker CRP. People facing diabetic complications are well aware of the fact that the silent inflammation of the CRP is the stepping stone for type 2 diabetes. But to experience the benefits of this supplement in combating diabetic complications it is necessary to know the appropriate Pycnogenol usage guidelines. The new age treatment for Alzheimer’s disease As people get older forgetfulness becomes a high possibility with the normal functioning of the brain getting slower. In order to combat such problems, commonly known as Alzheimer’s, several research studies have been conducted over the years. There were various noted impacts on the user taking...

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When to Use Engineered Wood Floors

Have you been looking for new flooring to install in your home lately? You might begin to hear a whole slew of terms that you’ve never heard of before. Laminates, engineered wood, radiant heating, and more. Engineered wood is a really good material to consider, but exactly what is it? Is it the same as solid? What are the cost variations? In this post, we will be talking about engineered wood floors, where and when you should use them, costs, aesthetic variations and more. Engineered Wood vs Solid Hardwood One of the biggest differences between engineered and solid hardwood is the actual composition of the wood itself. Solid hardwood, is just that, solid wood. Each plank that makes solid hardwood is about ¾ of an inch thick. Because of the thickness, it can be refinished and sanded down over the years that you have the flooring installed. On the other hand, engineered hardwood is made using layers of hardwood or plywood which is then layered with hardwood veneer to the top of the surface. Here’s a visual image for you so you can see the difference. Engineered Hardwood and Adverse Effects Solid hardwood (for flooring), though beautiful, has its disadvantages too. One of the biggest disadvantages to solid hardwood flooring is the fact that things like heat or moisture can ruin the floor, warp it, split it apart, or...

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Millennial Madness – The Students Who Never Graduated

Millennials are a heavily scrutinised generation, coming in for a lot of criticism on the one hand and also receiving a lot of praise for generally demonstrating enough boldness to try and challenge the system and change the status quo where it needs changing. Perhaps a big part of the reason why millennials are so heavily scrutinised is the fact that they tend to put themselves out there and open themselves up for all this scrutiny. I mean if you take a look at the biggest and most popular inventions coming out of the generation of millennials, the likes...

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