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Sports Betting is the Spice of Weekend Sports

I guess growing up does have its perks, despite your body finding more and more ways to let you know that the day you depart this earth is edging ever closer. One of these “perks” for me personally is that of not having to be stuck in a situation you really don’t want to be in, like having to watch the weekend football on TV with your dad because mom left early in the morning to do the shopping and dad wants you right there on the couch with him where he can easily keep one eye on you....

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5 of the best plants to bring life to your interior

Want to bring the outdoors into your interior design scheme? Then here are a few ideas on how to go about it. Awe-inspiring Aloe vera For a plant with an architectural edge, include an Aloe Vera. This amazing plant packs a powerful style punch and has health giving properties too. For thousands of years, people have used Aloe Vera to soothe burnt skin, that’s why so many people keep a plant in their kitchen. Aloe Vera also has an amazing ability to purify our air, releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide at night, meaning it’s a good choice for a bedroom too.   Fantasia on a weeping fig For an attractive plant with a softer, rounded appearance, look to the weeping fig. Ficus come in trailing, bushy or tree-like shapes and are happy to be pruned to fit the available space. Here the appeal is their ability to provide structure and foliage in your interior design scheme, rather than floral appeal or scent for example. Our top choice is Ficus benjamina, which is the recipient of the RHS award of garden merit, meaning it’s performed well in trials, so it’s a plant you can count upon. Delicate jasmine packs a punch For a winning combination of elegance, beauty and scent, choose jasmine. Though several varieties will suffice, Jasminum polyanthum is a top choice for its subtle star-like flowers, which despite...

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Why Does Timber Still Beat Wood-Effect Tiles?

Wood-effect tiles have become closer and closer in appearance to the genuine article, but plenty of people are still choosing real timber for their flooring instead of tiles. Want to find out why? Just read on – even those most ardently on the side of the tile may find themselves reassessing their choice. Timber All the Way Through Sure, modern wood-effect tiles really do look like genuine timber, at least until they suffer a little scratch or chip. Unfortunately, they only look like wood along their outer layer – once any of the surface is chipped or scratched away,...

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Scottish Designers to Keep an Eye On

Scotland has a rich history of producing some famous names whose inventions have become commonplace in the typical home. DM Design, Glasgow fitted kitchen specialists, profiled Scottish designers to look out for and in so doing discovered that developments continue to look bright in Scotland, by way of the design scene (particularly interior design): Mairi Helena Inspired by a photographic portfolio of Scotland, Edinburgh based Mairi Helena’s high-end luxury home accessories designs feature a unique fine art feel with their abstract pattern designs. Speaking about her work, Mairi said: “With both my parents being textile designers, I was brought...

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3 Tips For Avoiding Family Drama On The Holidays

Many people find themselves dreading the holidays since it means that this is a time they will be forced to spend long amounts of time with relatives.  Often these moments spent with our family members who we did not choose but nature chose for us are less than pleasant. The holidays don’t have to be something that you have to endure each year, however.  Why not try to make them as drama-free as possible by putting to use the following tips. Stay Away From The Alcohol Although many people’s first reaction is to grab a glass of wine while...

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