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3 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying a Mattress

You spend around a third of your life in bed, making it the most commonly used item of furniture in your home. If it doesn’t fit your needs, your quality of sleep at night and health during the day is impacted. Here are three common mistakes people make when buying a mattress – and how to avoid making these mistakes yourself. Not Asking for a Real Medical Opinion If you have medical problems that may be worsened by your current mattress or aided by a different mattress, don’t rely on a mattress tag that says it is medically approved...

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Setting Up a Professional-Looking Home Office Space

Some of you may know it as the digital nomad movement, that of more and more people ditching the traditional office space at some company located in a high-rise building to work more location independently, otherwise working remotely in this way is definitely a growing trend either way. Most of these remote workers don’t set off by travelling and working out of their laptops right off the bat, with their home studies or even their dining room areas earmarked for transformation into a home office space they can work out of, but for those remote workers who are operating...

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What Men are Not Comfortable Discussing

All we know that our society declares that men are stronger than women and they can handle almost every situation. My research over the last some years as a therapist treating sexual urges has brought me into contact with some men. They visit my office wearing the mask of humiliation, confusion and shame. Normally, after therapy, they come to a general link in between them: they are unhappy. Unfilled and feeling pain from a chaos that, for men, may be as veiled as sexual problem itself, sadness in men is barely discussed about. It is female who are disheartened,...

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Cosmetic Surgery: Possible Risk of DVT Or PE

Surgery always poses risks and problems, no matter the surgery and no matter the patient. Surgeons spend time in the operating room and in the classroom to ensure that they eliminate as many possible risks to our health as possible. However, they don’t always have control over certain things. When considering the possible risks of surgery, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) are two of the most common risks. This is especially true for cosmetic surgeries. So what do we do when we are faced with these risks and possible issues? We can start by getting educated...

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Which Type of Trading Suits Your Personality?

Different types of Forex trading are better suited to different personality traits.  When a trader decides to enter the Forex market, the more self-aware they are, the easier it is to choose a trading type.  Once a trader is aware of the specific personality traits that match up with each type of trading they can try to guess which type would be best for them personally.  This is, of course not at all a scientific process, and there are no guarantees of success based on a good match of trading type to personality.  The strongest reason to make sure...

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