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Why is Bristol Such a Favourite for City Breaks?

The United Kingdom is packed with cities ideal for weekend getaways, so the only problem is having to choose between them. As you check out what’s available, you’re likely to notice Bristol coming out ahead. Here are just a few reasons why it’s such a favoured spot for city breaks. Attractions for All the Family Plenty of couples and younger people take city breaks, but it’s mostly a family affair. That goes a long way towards explaining Bristol’s popularity – it’s absolutely bursting with family-friendly activities. To view wildlife from across the planet, head to Bristol Zoo – make...

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How To Keep Your Child Happy While On The Road

Traveling can be fun when you are young and carefree. Once you have children, it can be thrilling to include them in your adventures as well, but it may take a little extra planning that you didn’t have to do before. Taking trips with your children, especially toddlers and other young kids, doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think it is. Allowing them to take part in the adventures with you can bring you closer together as a family. Here are a few ways to make sure your child is happy when you travel together. Safety...

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How to Create Beautiful Paintings from Start to Finish

Walk into an art gallery and you’ll see abstract art, seascapes, self-portraits and even paintings that contain objects embedded in them. If you understand the creative process, you can make paintings that you would be proud to have displayed in your home and even in public. First, you’ll have to visit an art supply store so that you can get all of the necessary painting essentials, but from there you’ll allowed to let your imagination run wild. You can use your fingers to create interesting images, use a rag to blend your colors, or stick with a standard paintbrush...

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Manhattan and Mountains: You Can Do It All

Manhattan has fought for its reputation and tons of reasons keep visitors coming back, but there is more to do in the state and outside of the concrete confines of the city. You can have it all. Mingle in the city and let the mountain air tingle your senses. Triphammer Falls Don your Cornell sweatshirt and head to Ithaca, New York to feast your eyes on the waterfalls at this mountainesque locale. Get an education and an eyeful of the 55-foot drop. This is a major feature but there’s more to see on campus. If you’re not a sports...

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How to Negotiate When Buying a House

Many buyers feel that the asking price advertised by the estate agent is what the property is actually worth. Most buyers don’t know that they can and should negotiate with the estate agent, however you need to negotiate using some of the tips below. What you should never do when buying a home is to negotiate without any reason at all as this will often alienate you from the seller. You should always provide a reason for the lower offer to help the seller understand the reason for your offer. Here are 3 tips to help support negotiating a...

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