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Top Ways to Make Extra Money Online

There is no need to deny the fact that we have all thought, at one point or another, about a life with an additional income to the one we have. Back in the not-so-distant past, it was fairly difficult to achieve a healthy lifestyle, maintain human relationships and get that little extra you have been aiming for. All of that has changed nowadays, as technology makes it easier to take care of each priority with enough care and attention. Namely, if there are ways to avoid the socially damaging effects of taking up an additional job, there are also...

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How can your lifestyle affect your health

Lifestyle might be a simple word but it has a say on how we live our lives. Different people across the world tend to lead different lifestyles. In fact, the kind of lifestyle one chooses in life matters a lot when it comes to health matters. Yes, the kind of behaviors, work or leisure we tend to lead plays an imperative role in our wellbeing. For that reason, this article aims to discuss how some of your basic lifestyles can affect your overall wellbeing. Diet At times, it is astonishing on how the current generation perceives diet. Diet is...

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How Mobility Scooters are Opening up the World to a Lot of People

Since the introduction of wheelchairs in the 1780s, the lives of the elderly and the disabled people got changed completely. They revolutionized the way people with certain disabilities regarding their mobility used to get from one place to one another. Wheelchairs, since their invention, have been a great companion for the elderly and disabled people. However, the same role is now being played by mobility scooters. Mobility scooters are small, slow-moving scooters which the user can control on his/her own. These small scooters are now changing the way how their users, the elderly and the disabled people used to...

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Homocysteine – An Amino Acid Harmful In Excess. Norms of homocysteine and hyperhomocysteinemia.

Homocysteine is necessary for the proper functioning of the organism, however, its excess causes hyperhomocysteinemia, a disorder which is conducive to atherosclerotic changes. Homocysteine level may be increased, i.a. by an unhealthy lifestyle. What is homocysteine? Homocysteine (Hcy) is a sulfuric amino acid, which appears in the human organism by eating protein. The excess of homocysteine is harmful, leads to the development of atherosclerotic and thrombotic changes, therefore it increases the risk of heart attack. Excessively high concentration of homocysteine in blood is called hyperhomocysteinemia. Homocysteine: tests and norms Homocysteine level is measured in blood tests. The blood of...

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Retirement dreams: which UK regions saving well below the UK average?

Investment specialist, True Potential Investor has released some findings, collected across Q4 2016, showing that people are saving an average of £325 per month. Their infographic below, maps out which areas are saving below the UK average, with pension contributions between £1 and £300. The worst offenders include West Midlands (24%), Yorkshire & Humberside (23%) and East Midlands...

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