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Ways To Reconnect As A Family

Life can get extremely busy and it can be very easy to get into the daily routine of being on autopilot with your day.  Your routine may be going to work, coming home, having dinner with your family, then your kids going into their rooms and playing on their phones the rest of the night.  It can be very easy to feel disconnected to your spouse and kids, but by creating a few new habits, reconnecting to your family will be a happy and healthy choice for the entire family.  Here are just a few ways to reconnect as...

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Ways To Make Money From Your Hobbies

Many people dream of ways to make extra money from their hobbies. That’s understandable. Many hobbies cost a lot of money. Of course these hobbyists would want to find a way to earn money from something they spend so much time doing. Here are some ways you can turn your hobbies into a second source of income. Turn your hobby into a service that you can charge money for. Are people constantly telling you that you give the best massages? You could turn that into a lucrative side business. You would just have to invest in some massage tables and...

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The Little Details That Make a Big Difference

There was a time not too long ago when personal development and self-help books seemed to be all the rage, with people proudly walking around with their own copies of titles such as Steven Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People” and the likes. I don’t know, perhaps personal development and self-help books are still all the rage and people are just reading them in digital copy formats like Amazon’s Kindle reader or just as PDF e-books so no-one judge their cover (or their  neuroticism). One thing I’ve always asked myself though is whether or not those personal...

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Why You Need to Find and Develop Your Own Specialty

Take the nice salary out of the equation and most people will openly admit that they really aren’t as happy in their jobs or careers as they may initially claim to be. The simple question is this – if it were somehow possible that you would get the exact same salary you get right now, except you don’t have to wake up to go to the job you’re currently doing, would you still get up in the morning, rush to get all cleaned up, have breakfast and then fight through traffic to get to work? If the answer is...

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Reduce the Stress and Live Comfortably

When you live paycheck to paycheck any emergency that comes along can create stress, which can lead to health problems done the road. When you live this type of lifestyle it’s only a matter of when and not if it happens. Unfortunately, usually when you live this way you also have a less than average credit score and this only compounds an already difficult situation. The good news is that there are ways to get through this financial emergency. Online monthly installment loans through companies like are relatively easy to acquire.  Taking steps to reduce your overhead There are many...

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