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How to fly with children

How to Fly with Children Parents never have a day off – and even though they would love to enjoy a lovely getaway with all the family, they can’t bring themselves to step on a plane with their little ones. Travelling with children is never easy, but there are some things you can do to make the experience a lot more enjoyable for both you and them. Book a Night Flight Many people don’t really like to fly during the night, but it can often be the best option when you’re flying with children. You can really tire them...

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10 Ways You Won’t Become a Millionaire

We all have dreamt of what we’d do if we became a millionaire. You probably think it’s a pipe dream, but what if it wasn’t? What if the only thing standing between you and a million pounds is your own actions? Here are 10 ways you won’t become a millionaire. Believing You Will Never be Rich What did you dream about when you thought about your millionaire lifestyle? Was it a large mansion that offered multiple rooms, expensive clothing or just the freedom to do whatever you like whenever you like? If you immediately thought after the dream that...

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Unhealthy Foods That are Surprisingly Good for You

You probably read conflicting food reports in the media all the time. So, wouldn’t it be nice to just read the truth about food. Well, why us here at Life’s a Peach are no nutritionists, we do know a little bit about food. So, we’re taking a look at the so-called healthy foods that are actually good for you. Dairy Dairy products were once deemed unhealthy, despite the fact they are actually good for your body. Products such as milk, cheese, yoghurt and butter are jam packed with protein and calcium – nutrients your body actually needs. Like with...

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5 Cheap Ways to Improve Your Garden This Summer

The summer sun will soon raise its colourful head, and people across the nation will want to ensure their garden is ready for the season. We understand that sprucing up your garden can be a little costly, which is why we’re offering 5 cheap ways to improve your garden this summer. Colourful Wooden Planters Does your garden offer little colour? To help you complement the warm season, we recommend investing in some colourful wooden planters, which are relatively cheap to buy. Stand them on the garden patio, places them on the lawn or hand them along your fences. In...

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