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Is It True That Medical Marijuana Can Stunt Tumor Growth

Medical cannabis is changing the medical field and the way people think about prescription drugs every day.  More and more research is being done to focus on the medical benefits of the cannabinoids that are found in marijuana. The reduction of tumors is one of those avenues scientist and doctors are working toward determining if cannabis and its cannabinoids can have a direct effect on the tumor, tumor production and tumor destruction. If you do have a tumor that you are looking to treat with marijuana, there is a cannabis delivery company who will be there for you. The...

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Four Reasons To Consider Counseling

Talking to a complete stranger about your problems may not seem that much fun, and for some people, it can seem downright scary. However, having an unbiased ear to unload all of your problems to, someone that won’t judge you for the things that you feel and say, can be really cathartic. It can help you get past your problems and find healing. There are many reasons to seek counseling. Some people are pushed into counseling because of slip ups they’ve made, like because drinking and driving. Some people go of their own accord, simply because they want to...

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Proven Ways to Easily Incorporate Veggies Into Your Diet

You probably know all about the recommendations—you’ve heard about “food pyramids” and plate proportions for most of your life, but that hasn’t changed your struggle with vegetables. And you aren’t alone. According to a 2014 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), less than 9% of Americans get their daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. There are plenty of reasons people don’t get enough: cost (fresh produce can be expensive), access, and “you just don’t like them.” Despite all these challenges, the benefits that come from eating more vegetables are proven. Some of the most...

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Inspects the goods before you bid As a bidder, it is your responsibility to ensure you are satisfied with the condition of an item before you bid on it. Complaining that a piece doesn’t match your expectations after you’ve purchased it is a bit of a dodgy move in the eyes of auction goers, and it probably won’t go down well with the auctioneers, whether its auctions in Ireland or any other part of the world… You will be given the opportunity to personally inspect all items due to be auctioned in the days prior to the sale. If...

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Adding Value To Your Home With Natural Stone Tiles

When it comes to home renovations a lot of people focus on the living room or bedrooms, probably because these are the rooms that we feel like we spend the most time in. Actually, if you put it into perspective we spend a lot of time in other rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen, so how do we add value to our homes by renovating these rooms? Simple; the power of tiles! Not only are tiles aesthetically pleasing, but they make for a fantastic investment within the home. We’ve put together a little list of the tiles that...

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