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Four Things To Do For Your Health This Year

It’s a new year and it is time to start working on a new you. Whether or not you made any New Year’s resolutions you may still want to work toward having a healthier year, and there are plenty of things you can do to make that happen. Make a plan to change your life, for the better. Find new ways to make your goals, like striving to better certain areas of your life, or certain parts of your body, instead of having a blanket goal, like a weight amount. If you keep doing things the way you have...

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Why 2017 Could Be the Best Year for Health & Fitness Enthusiasts

If you go to your local library (if you can find it that is and if a physical library still exists) and you go down the self-help isle, looking for a health and fitness guide, if you happen to come across one which was published a few years ago you’ll marvel at just how far we’ve come in that regard. You could perhaps get a much better guide covering the exact same topic by simply whipping your mobile device out and running a quick Google search. We now have entire libraries in our pockets, although we naturally do have...

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Tips For Families Who Struggle With Mental Illness

Having a family member who struggles with mental illness isn’t something that only affects the afflicted, but the entire family as well.  People suffering from bipolar disorder experience extreme dips in moods alternated with extreme happiness.  The chemical imbalance in their brains requires them to take special medication in order to be able to regulate their moods and urges. When a family member has an episode which results in irregular behavior it can be extremely emotional for their loved ones who can feel helpless and confused.  Do not despair, however.  With the right tools, your family can make it...

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Declutter Your Closet With These Helpful Tips

Spring is months away but that doesn’t mean that you have to wait until then to do a little cleaning and decluttering.  Winter is a perfect time to assess your closet and find ways to organize and eliminate the clothes that you no longer wear (or fit into) anymore.  You may find that just the mere sight of your closet causes you a little stress and anxiety.  If you are not sure where to start, read on for a few ways to declutter your closet this winter and start off the new year a little more organized. Evaluate The...

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Five Things To Do Under A Fiver

Source: Pexels According to pub retailer and brewer Greene King, the average British household spent approximately £211 on leisure activities in October 2016. I think that’s a little excessive, so I’ve come up with five things you can do for less than a fiver. Play Online Bingo Source: Kaboompics In the same Greene King survey, respondents apparently spent £12.85 throughout October at casinos and online bingo sites, but you don’t need to spend anymore than £5 to have a good time. Unfortunately, not every bingo brand allows you to make a deposit of anything less than £10, but there...

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