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7 Tips for Home Maintenance

What we have, we try to ensure it lasts. The new car you bought won’t stay new forever. The computer needs to be upgraded once in a while. Even software receives updates from time to time. Perhaps the most expensive possession we have is our homes and its upkeep can be a challenge and a pain in uncomfortable places. Especially in the damp British weather. Most of it can be done on one’s own but now and then we need a hand. It’s neither embarrassing nor something that can’t be managed by calling a friend. You can always call...

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Three DIY home décor ideas with what you would’ve thrown out

The old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” tells us a lot about how our outlook can change the perceived value of things. What we call waste is merely a changed state of an object or a material which we don’t really want to use or we can’t imagine any use for. The traditional relationship with waste has been challenged throughout the ages and reducing waste has become an active lifestyle.  Although all of this sounds delightful, it is really hard to get started. Charity begins at home! Trite, yet true. So let us look at 4...

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How to Check Your Gums for Signs of Oral Health Problems

People tend to think about their teeth more than their gums. That’s only natural – after all, you don’t need to worry about your gums falling out. However, it’s still important to keep those gums healthy, and it’s relatively easy to check whether they’re doing okay. Here are just a few things to look out for. Colour Change Firstly, open your mouth wide and pull your lips gently away from your teeth. Take note of how your gums look. They should be firm and pink, and any colour change should considered a cause for concern. Gums can darken thanks...

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Understanding the Link Between Financial, Physical and Mental Health

Although the number of people reporting mental health conditions is not increasing by any great degree, what is most troubling seems to be that there is a huge rise in the way people cope with problems such as anxiety or depression. When it comes to managing finances, a direct link has been established between the state of a patient’s finances and their physical or mental health. It is important to understand this relationship because one problem feeds the next and before you know it, your life has spun out of control. The Interwoven Relationship between Mental, Physical and Financial...

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5 Simple Tips to Detox Your Body in 1 Day

A lot of us eat poorly, I know because I do! I’ve been eating junk foods every single day for the last week like pizza, ice cream, burgers and a lot of chips. These foods make us feel tired, bloated, heavy and like not ourselves and we just feel out of sync. Right now, I will show what I usually do every single day to detox my body and get myself back on track. So without further ado, here are my 5 simple health tips to detoxify your body naturally in just 1 day. Take Hot Lemon Water First...

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