What we have, we try to ensure it lasts. The new car you bought won’t stay new forever. The computer needs to be upgraded once in a while. Even software receives updates from time to time. Perhaps the most expensive possession we have is our homes and its upkeep can be a challenge and a pain in uncomfortable places. Especially in the damp British weather. Most of it can be done on one’s own but now and then we need a hand. It’s neither embarrassing nor something that can’t be managed by calling a friend. You can always call a local handyman if you don’t have friends, who’re up for the task that is. Some problems arise unexpectedly and you need to improvise but most can be tackled with a little foresight.

Seasonal Problems

Every season comes with its own problem.  Kind of like a signature. Damp ceilings and walls in the autumn. Frosted piping in the winter. AC problems in the summer. The best way to combat these issues is to make preparations in the season preceding. A little work goes a long way.

Pest Control

Make sure your lovely home stays your own.  Pest and rodents can make living painful and are a leading cause of allergies and various other diseases. Infestations can really affect a house so be sure to spray the house occasionally at intervals or call the pest control guys. They will take care of it for you.


The benefits of house paint are two folds. First, they make your home look attractive. Secondly they protect the walls from dust and other corrosive substances. Always be sure to get good non-toxic paints, especially if there are kids around. We all know how playful they can be.

Water and Piping

Piping is to the house what arteries are to the human body. They keep the stuff of life flowing. Do regular plumbing checks to ensure there are no leaks and the water is safe to drink. Water borne diseases are cruel.

Temperature Control

“Goldilocks said the porridge was just right!”

Not too hot, not too dry, not too humid, not too cold, just right! That is the key ingredient for anything. Same goes for your room temperatures. Old heating and cooling systems can act up sometimes. It is a good idea to service them regularly as per your needs. Old air conditioners can start emitting harmful gasses and are beyond repair. When that starts happening it is time to throw them out.

Where the food goes

A lot of homes have microwave ovens and refrigerators that haven’t been cleaned in ages. Particularly refrigerators because they always in use. Still it is a really healthy measure to take at least one day a month to clean out the freezer.

Beware of Fire

This might sound obvious but it is of utmost importance to change the batteries of the smoke alarms. Or you might have to just stand there and watch it burn. Or worse!